Writer. Creative Director. Agency owner. Client.

My experience in advertising is almost as varied as the business itself.
In every role, I did all the things you’d expect and a few things most people wouldn't expect, like:

  • getting hired for my first job straight out of college without a portfolio

  • leaving a senior creative position to start an agency of my own

  • getting hired on the client-side to lead and grow an iconic global brand.

I wonder if I’d focused just on becoming a great writer, if that’s what I’d be today.

But I wanted to be a great advertising person. So my path has been a less conventional one.

I like to solve big, complicated marketing problems and took the hard assignments figuring if I could do great work for tough clients I could do it for any client.
I took a special interest in strategy knowing that without a good one, great work was that much harder to achieve.
I see clients as allies and, when I became a client, I saw my role as an agency champion for their success.

I’d make the same decisions again but there are too many great opportunities left to explore in advertising.

Outside of advertising, I enjoy film photography and learning guitar.
I’m married with two teenage daughters who are smarter than me but I know more than they do.

Feel free to contact me at MartinSDavidson@me.com or message me on LinkedIn.